Salomé! OOAK Pippa Harpist Reroot Repaint and Redress On Ebay

Happy Saturday, people!

I have been working on a one of a kind Pippa doll for quite some time, and I’m finally done! This gal has been lolling around my studio waiting to be done for far too long! So long in fact, that I don’t have all that many pics to share,  but here are a few!

awsumgal Salome ooak Pippa Harpist 1

I don’t ave any mid-root pics (odd, I know!) So here she is with her custom blend of the two colours, dark burgundy red and black!

Then, I gave her a face-up. Here she is with blue eyes. You can see here that she has a wee piece missing from her nose tip in the following pic!

awsumgal Salome ooak Pippa Harpist 2

You know what? I don’t like it! So….. I removed her paint and started again!

Here she is with her final face-up. Her eyes are brown now :o) I also began her nose reconstruction. Below is the first phase, which is unpigmented. The next and final layer is flesh toned and will hide more upon inspection.

awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 3

I like her much better with her brown eyes. She seems an enigma, and needs to be a classically trained musician (or a ballerina, but I don’t fancy making the feet at the moment, so another time for that I think, lol!)

Then I made her a delightful burgundy gown (with a bit of sheen to it) that frankly, I would wear myself if I only had some sort of reason to :o)

awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 4

Here she is waiting for me to give her an instrument to play. I don’t really know why I chose the harp for this. Except that it is beautiful and a little magical and lilting and this girl looks like she can swing it! I myself play the flute and I love it, but the flute doesn’t really lend itself very well to miniature reproduction. (Although, I’ve decided that is a project that needs to be on my list!)

She’s rather impatient actually, so away we go! While she waits she’ll play the cello!

awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 4

I did a little research on the harp and realizrd very quickly that the harps used in orchestras are quite big. I liked the size of a Celtic harp better, it’s a little smaller, but I prefer the shape of the orchestral harp better. My harp is therefore more the size of a Celtic and the shape of an orchestral. Here are some photos showing how I progressed…

awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 6

The curved top piece I decided was going to be difficult to shape entirely from wood on a small scale and then to drill holes for the “strings” was likely going to split the wood, so instead I made an inner core of polymer clay. The pins are to make sure that the holes for the strings would stay intact after heat curing. There is also a brass wire core for strength and attaching to the rest of the harp.

awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 6

awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 7

I have decided to clad the polymer section in wood. The above pic is me testing the cladding for size and shape.

awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 8

Here I have clad the polymer bit that is attached to the rest of the harp. It is clamped for drying!

After everything is cured and dried I painted the harp. Mostly it’ black but with gold accents. This colour scheme seems to go well with Salomé and her outfit! Here it is half painted, undecorated and as yet, unstrung.

awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 9

Here she is finished, harp and all…..awsumgal OOAK Pippa Dawn friend 10

awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 11

As befits a musician of her calibre, I have made her a necklace, a pair of shoes (custom, of course) and an ottoman to sit on!

awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 12

awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 14awsumgal OOAK PIppa Dawn Friend 15

Salomé, her harp and her ottoman are now on ebay for a one week run. We’ll see if her style resonates with any collectors out there!! Click HERE to see her auction on ebay.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!!


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