My New Azone Neemo Flection bodies are here!

I’m so excited to finally have these in hand! They’re so adorable.

Look Ma, no stand!

awsumgal azone neemo flection body for Blythe 1

They’ve got a good heft to them, nothing flimsy about these bods! They may even hold up Blythes’ substantial head, lol! I haven’t tried yet but there’s a girl I’m working on that this this new Neemo Body is destined for :o)

Here are some shots of me playing with her posing options. Enjoy!

She walks!

awsumgal azone neemo flection body for Blythe 2

So I said “No Way!” and he said…….

awsumgal azone neemo flection body for Blythe 3

From soliloquy….

awsumgal azone neemo flection body for Blythe 4

to Bollywood dance!

awsumgal azone neemo flection body for Blythe 5

Maybe a little B ball!

awsumgal azone neemo flection body for Blythe 6

Leaping through the air!

awsumgal azone neemo flection body for Blythe 7

I want to put these on all of my Blythes! I love them but I’ve always lamented the fact that they are so difficult to pose.  I’ve seen the Azone Neemo predecessors to the Flection, the ones in fixed poses, like kneeling for example. I like the look of them but wasn’t too keen on switching out different body parts for different poses, so I had never tried them.

These bodies look shorter than Blythes’ stock body, but they’re actually the same height. They are however more substantial through the torso, hips and legs. I think Blythe shirts and dresses would fit this body, but pants or tighter skirts may not. I don’t have much in the way of commercial Blythe clothing so I can’t say for sure. I tend to make my own clothes for my girls anyway :o) I’ve noticed in sewing for them that attention must be paid to the way the arms extend upwards. The shoulder joints are angled. When the arm is all the way up, her hand goes in towards the rest of her. When her arms are down they are away form her sides. Very realistic looking! I like it :o)

These new Flection bods have me all fired up to take pics of my girls. They’re so very poseable and I love the hands! Woohoo Can’t wait!! (But I need to make some more clothing first, lol!)

Have a wonderful weekend all, and thanks for reading!

~awsumgal Sept 12 ’09

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  1. Thanks so much for this informative review . I just purchased one of these along with two option hand sets . I was very hesitant about the purchase because I’m an articulation junkie – but the lines and proportions of this body were very appealing .

    Nice to see that I’ll be able to get adequate pose options for my own particular use for this body .

    Thanks !

  2. It’s a great little bod actually. I replaced my Blythe with this body and it’s so much more aesthetically pleasing than the stock bod. Glad you found the post helpful :o) What kind of head, if any ;o) will you be using?

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