When a Reroot goes Bad…… lol!

You know a reroot project is getting a little long in the tooth when you begin to count the number of plugs left to do, lol! I am rerooting a Blythe for a OOAK project that I will be blogging about. Blythe dolls are the biggest heads that I reroot. Even Crissy doesn’t have as many plugs. Blythes are closer to Barbie in the number of plugs involved and I prefer a plug by plug reroot rather than a wefted hair treatment. It takes a lot longer, but I can use my favorite silky Saran doll hair and it’s infinitely more styleable. It feels so much nicer too :o)

Having said that, this doll I wanted to use two colours and I wanted a very long reroot. This makes it more difficult, naturally, lol!

At this point I am almost finished. I have used an entire package of brunette hair and half a reddish auburn as well. they both went rather well. Then sadly I ran out of hair and had to open another. This brings up something that I run into from time to time. Sometimes the hair unravels really nicely. The first batch was double looped in the package and I was easily able to open into a single larger loop, which I then made one cut to the whole loop and had lovely long hair to reroot with. The second package, not so much, lol! In either colour. :o(  Both the red and the brunette became unmanageable masses of saran spaghetti!

Who’s hungry, lol!

awsumgal ooak blythe reroot 1

Here’s the useless brunette…….

awsumgal ooak blythe reroot 2

Thankfully, I had enough useable hair, but it took me longer to tease it out of the pile, phew!Now what to do with lump of hair……Maybe my next gal will have curly hair lol!

Here’s the head all haired up. All in all it was worth the effort, and I haven’t even styled it yet :o)

awsumgal ooak blythe done 1

awsumgal ooak blythe done 2

awsumgal ooak blythe done 3

Like I said, still needs a trim and style. There is much to do on the rest of the doll too. I will be blogging about her over the next while.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

~awsumgal September 23 2009

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  1. Can’t wait to see her finished!

  2. Thanks Emma :o)
    She’ll certainly appear here! I am really happy with how she’s coming along and hope to be finished soon……

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