Just Finished ~Sublime!~ Hard Cap Wig for Sybarite Dolls

Despite the fact that there are many much more weighty things happening in the world today, I would like to share my new hard cap wig for the Sybarite ladies. I made this onto a custom hard cap out of a pretty pale peach Katsilk Saran (my favorite type of doll hair!) I’ve embellished a little with two braided attached headbands. One loose peach braid and one narrower tightly braided honey blonde braid. This wig is mid length and although the top is immovable, the lower part of the length is free to hang naturally. This little wig is tagged and will ship in it’s own custom box. Maybe a little doll wig will help take your mind off the harsher side of life for a moment. I;m waxing philosophical now, lol! On with the photos!!!

I’ll be listing this wig in my Artfire shop but not until tomorrow. I’m bagged!

Anyway hope you like it and thanks as always for reading!


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  1. Hello,

    Can you tell me if the Tick and Tock Sybarites from last year’s Paris Fashion Doll Festival have removable wigs, or are they glued on?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Marsha, although I don’t own either Tick or Tock (sadly!) I do believe that both of them have glued on wigs. Most of the Sybarites have attached wigs. Trapeze doesn’t (and came with extra wigs) and I don’t think the “It Girls” did either (Venus, Inque and Raja) Many collectors have very carefully removed the glued on wigs, myself included. It can be done quite successfully and if done carefully the removed wig is undamaged. Hope that helps. Thanks for reading and have a great day! :o)

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