About Me

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I am a doll enthusiast. I create fashions for many dolls. I draft my own patterns from my own ideas. I pick fabrics and sew my designs, by machine and by hand. I”m always on the hunt for great jewelry findings. I enjoy detail, and so often my doll clothes will have lots of tiny embellishments. I love accessories too and strive to create great shoes, purses, jewelry, sunglasses and whatever else I think a girl should have (like a good book!) for even the smallest dolls. I love to pick up new techniques from all kinds of places and incorporate them into my works. Much of my focus has been for the 6 1/4 inch vintage Topper Dawn and Palitoy Pippa dolls, but I also enjoy designing for Sybarite, Numina, Inamorata, Blythe, Iplehouse JID, Tonner, Tiny Kitty Collier and Ellowyne, and Uneeda Suzette, 50’s Uneeda Dollikin, Monster and Ever After Highs.

As I’ve worked with dolls over the years I’ve organically added customization to my slate. I repaint and customize dolls like Blythe and repaint Monster Highs and lots of other models too. I’ve progressed still further in my evolution as a doll lover, to create my own poseable dolls. And so was born LuxDolls. These are hand sculpted, designed and engineered, molded and custom cast in resin, all by me. I then string them, dress, paint wig and accessorize them. My first sculpt is a small doll. She sands about 7 inches and has 14 points of articulation.


I am now working towards a much larger resin fashion doll of my own making. She will stand about 16 inches and will be custom tinted artist cast resin. I am almost at the mold making stage with her and I am very excited about her completion.

I have an ever burgeoning doll collection of beautiful resin and vinyl ladies. Some of the older vintage examples that come my way need a little tlc and so I find myself cleaning dolls, restyling hair, restringing and fixing bits here and there. I think initially that I will sell them when they are cleaned up, repaired and looking their best, but they never seem to want to leave!

For more information on some of my past works and new available works, please see my website at www.awsumgal.com