My Doll Collection

I had a few questions about my doll collection, so I’ve decided that I share some images of my own dolls.

My collection grows and changes over time. I seem to have more dolls coming than going, lol! So there is always a question of display space. I really would like to be able to look at them all, all of the time, but that would require more space than I have! So, I have to content myself with displaying my faves.

Here are a few of them…. My Dawn case, which needs some attention, and more stands

That’s one cabinet. It hangs on the wall. I’d like to get another and show my girls off in style, but I don’t know yet where to put it!

Here are some of my OOAK Blythe girls :o) And some boxed girl too :o)

Here is my Checker Groove Collection. I’m a little addicted to these Tiny Kitty dolls


Here are some of my favourite Tonner dolls. Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner and Tamina from Prince of Persia and also Invisible Ink. Most of my Ellos are not on display at the moment. Soon though I hope!

Here are a couple of my Sybarite dolls….

And… a couple more… Here’s the lovely Couture Savage o_O

My gorgeous Epochalypse Rouge and my awesome Devon….swoon…..

Hope you enjoyed a little look at the some of the lovely dolls that share my studio with me!

~awsumgal, July 2011