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Paishala OOAK Blythe Auction ~ Live

Happy Saturday! and Happy Halloween!

Paishala my ooak Takara (once a Frosty Frock) Blythe doll and her friend Safiy are now live on eBay for a one week run. Click HERE to visit the auction.

awsumgal ooak custom takara blythe Paishala and Safiy

Thanks for visiting and have a delightfully ghoulish day!


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OOAK Blythe ~ Indian Mystic WIP3

So when I last wrote, I was off to play with fabric for the skirt for my girl. I wanted volume in the skirt to balance her. I had a colour palette in mind. Lots of hot climate desert hues. Yellows and reds and burgundy …. and the floral.I love the yellows, the deep coral (which is SO soft) and I love the contrasting yellow rolled hem stitching. It ties in with the yellow silk top.

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-1

Here’s the medium red and the burgundy.

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-2

On the advice of my attorney, I have trashed the floral. It’s been binned as it were. I wanted the panels to be equally spaced but not perfectly symmetrical. I want the skirt to tie slightly to the side. It will also be a little gathered to fit on Blythe Neemo hips

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-3

Happily, after hemming three sides of each panel and then sewing them all together and gathering them, I realized happily that the skirt could be worn either way out for a different colour emphasis. The other way out is a darker looking skirt as more burgundy, and less yellow shows…

I chose to bind the edge with yellow silk to tie in with the top. I braided silk fibre and waxed cord as a waist tie and added more Indian silver bells to the end.

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-4

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-5

Of course I picked silk colours that mirror the colours I have already used :o)

I added a gorgeous sparkly red glass bead to the bells on the end.

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-6

With her skirt done, it was on to her feet. This gal is part Indian mystic, part Maharani so  didn’t want to put her in a high fashion city shoe or anything. I knew I wanted a sandal, but wasn’t exactly sure what style I wanted.

Then it came to me, I would open up a space in her feet to allow a prong for her sandal. Like a thong or flip flop type shoe!

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-7

The foot on the left in the above pic has the beginnings of a space, the foot on the right is untouched….

Here are both feet done :o)

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-8

Then I made her shoe bottoms out of more waxed cording that I braided and then wrapped and sewed in place. Then I added the prong.

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-9

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-10

Here’s one of her shoes on her foot!

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-12

I like the subtle look of this sandal :o)

I also played with the airbrush for her paint around her eyes and on her lids. A while back my airbrush compressor lost power and wasn’t blowing. It is a really old compressor and I think its’ air filter was clogged. It doesn’t run without an air filter and I couldn’t find a replacement for one this old. I tried cleaning it but to no avail :o(

So, dang I had to buy a new one, sigh. On the up side, it’s GREAT! It has way more power than my old one and it’s fun to use. Of course I had to go and find an adapter to hook up my old airbrush. Now I’m all set though! Yeehaw!

I have a little paint shelter, so that I can paint without worrying about overspray. I masked all of the parts of the lids that I didn’t want to get paint on. Lots of tape and tiny bits of paper, lol!

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-12

And around the eye sockets of her face plate……

awsumgal OOAK Takara Blythe Indian Mystic WIP 3-13

This is the first pass. There is more to do and more carving too :o)

That’s all for today. This girl is almost finished. I can’t wait to see her all back together and dressed in her silk and chiffon!!

Thanks for reading!


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Blythe ~ Indian Mystic WIP2

Good morning dolly peeps!

Yesterday was a busy day on this project and I think I made quite a lot of progress toward my goal :o) Some of that progress is deciding exactly what I want to do and how to get there, but anyway…..

After getting all of the stock eye chips out, I started on the pull strings for her eye change and sleep eye mechanisms. (There are fab tutorials on how to do lots of things for Blythe at the Puchi Collective. If you’re interested and you haven’t been there before, I suggest you have a look there!)

I like to do more to the pull strings than just put in a string. I like them to be special little things in their own right. I always have fun with the decoration at the bottoms of them too. These strings need to be strong. They are designed to be pulled after all. The very first time I put a new string in, I used crochet cotton because I thought it looked nice. It didn’t last very long! Now I’ll either use drapery nylon cord, which is really quite strong or something more interesting, like this time……

As an Indian Mystic, I wanted to add something that I think is in keeping with the whole aesthetic. Drapery nylon seemed wrong on many levels, lol! I also wanted to the two pulls to be different but obviously related. I chose two forms of macrame. Flat and spiral. (Very 70’s, lol!) The flat is all the same cord, the spiral incorporates a second colour. Of course, I have added decoration to them. Tiny ball bells made in India, that make a lovely and pleasing sound when used in clusters.

Here begins the knotting…

awsumgal custom ooak takara blythe mystic WIP 2 1

I always have a helluva time getting the ends of whatever decorative pull concoction I’ve dreamed up, to go through that tiny slot in the eye mech. I spent almost half an hour just getting that in securely and neatly. Ai Carumba! Anyway, whatever, it’s in there now and I’m satisfied it will work as it should. I haven’t even got to the fun part yet. This is just the part that will remain inside the head, so no extra pretties on it yet. Of course I had to do the inside portion of the other pull as well….

After knotting them both long enough to reach the slot in the back of the head, it was time to pull them through those slots. The beads and bells have to go on after, obviously, because they can’t fit through the slot. (and I don’t know this ’cause I guessed, lol!) Then more knotting with the help of my board.

awsumgal custom ooak takara blythe mystic WIP 2 2

The board it’s on is something I made to help when I’m braiding, knotting, or linear beading, anything where I need another set of hands really. There are brass screws top and bottom and a couple of screw in eyelets and I’ve plotted out some measurements, so I can see at a glance how long the piece is as I work. Oh, and clothespins, invaluable. I have at least three sizes of clothespins in my studio and I use them for all kinds of things. Like holding my macrame :o)

Here are the pulls pretty much completed. As you can see the all important ‘Be’ and ‘Here’ and ‘Now’ charms are in place. It’s funny what inspires you isn’t it? I must find that book and post a pic. I had loads of fun digging through my extensive stash of bead and findings coming up with items to go into the pulls. Bead stores are just one of the many kinds of shops that I can’t be trusted in… (Fabric stores, art supply stores, thrift stores and hardware stores are some of the others! Basically, I should never leave my home, lol!)

awsumgal custom ooak takara blythe mystic WIP 2 3

The ends need to be tied off and secured, but these are pretty much done.

Speaking of inspiration, I spent some time poking around online for what my girl should wear. I had been carrying around an idea in my head for so long, that even when I wasn’t really sure I liked it I couldn’t seem to decide on what to do instead. I knew I wanted her to wear a Choli. This is a short sleeved crop top traditionally worn by Indian women under the sari although mine would be sleeveless. I knew I wanted that because the Neemo body has such a good looking torso. I knew I wanted it to have some beading and be pretty and I had already picked out the fabric. Rich, butter yellow silk. I love this fabric and could eat it right up I swear! The bottom of her outfit was what I was having trouble with.

awsumgal custom ooak takara blythe mystic WIP 2 4

I love the palette of this floral chiffon and have used it before. I was thinking about a long bias cut skirt with lots of extra flowing skirt trailing out behind her. It didn’t work in practice. Looked great in my head though, ha! I loved how the shirt was looking. The Neemo body is quite different from the Takara body. But I love the pose-ability of it. The Takara bodies were always frustrating to photograph for me because I couldn’t pose my girls the way I wanted. So I made a pattern for choli to fit the Neemo body. What good is pose-ability if the doll can’t move in her clothes?  Of course the shirt is unfinished in the above pic. In fact because of the way the Neemo arms move up, I had to make some more pattern adjustments to it and make another with wider armholes. I think the first one will fit nicely on a Takara body though. I will have to try that.

Back to the skirt, I went looking online at Indian fashions. I love Indian fashions. I mean they are so beautiful. How could you not feel fabulous wearing any of that! So romantic, beautifully made, yummy!

Here’s what I mean:

awsumgal custom ooak takara blythe mystic WIP 2 6

Just look at those fabrics!

awsumgal custom ooak takara blythe mystic WIP 2 7

The beading, and the hair jewelry! To die for!

awsumgal custom ooak takara blythe mystic WIP 2 8

It’s true that much of what I looked at was Bridal wear but isn’t it gorgeous! After enjoying all of the beautiful embroidery and beading of these creations, my Indian Blythe will be part Mystic and part Maharani! I know that I will be revisiting all of this in future projects too as it is all just phenomenal!

I had thought briefly (pardon the pun) of a short wrapped pant like the pic below. Like a Dhoti, but for girls and prettier, but then rejected that idea.

awsumgal custom ooak takara blythe mystic WIP 2 5

Maybe something along these lines….

awsumgal custom ooak takara blythe mystic WIP 2 9

Not in this palette, but a wider skirt than what I had before…..

Chiffon, I think, for layering and colour……..hmmmm

I’m off to play with chiffon and silk! In a word, work! Lucky me! :o)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!


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When a Reroot goes Bad…… lol!

You know a reroot project is getting a little long in the tooth when you begin to count the number of plugs left to do, lol! I am rerooting a Blythe for a OOAK project that I will be blogging about. Blythe dolls are the biggest heads that I reroot. Even Crissy doesn’t have as many plugs. Blythes are closer to Barbie in the number of plugs involved and I prefer a plug by plug reroot rather than a wefted hair treatment. It takes a lot longer, but I can use my favorite silky Saran doll hair and it’s infinitely more styleable. It feels so much nicer too :o)

Having said that, this doll I wanted to use two colours and I wanted a very long reroot. This makes it more difficult, naturally, lol!

At this point I am almost finished. I have used an entire package of brunette hair and half a reddish auburn as well. they both went rather well. Then sadly I ran out of hair and had to open another. This brings up something that I run into from time to time. Sometimes the hair unravels really nicely. The first batch was double looped in the package and I was easily able to open into a single larger loop, which I then made one cut to the whole loop and had lovely long hair to reroot with. The second package, not so much, lol! In either colour. :o(  Both the red and the brunette became unmanageable masses of saran spaghetti!

Who’s hungry, lol!

awsumgal ooak blythe reroot 1

Here’s the useless brunette…….

awsumgal ooak blythe reroot 2

Thankfully, I had enough useable hair, but it took me longer to tease it out of the pile, phew!Now what to do with lump of hair……Maybe my next gal will have curly hair lol!

Here’s the head all haired up. All in all it was worth the effort, and I haven’t even styled it yet :o)

awsumgal ooak blythe done 1

awsumgal ooak blythe done 2

awsumgal ooak blythe done 3

Like I said, still needs a trim and style. There is much to do on the rest of the doll too. I will be blogging about her over the next while.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

~awsumgal September 23 2009

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