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7 Year Itch Dress for 19 Inch Marilyn – Done :)

As promised last time, the dress is complete!

Waist size was confirmed, yay! Zipper inserted, this baby is done 🙂

Here are some final photos. Again, this is going on a sculpture so my American Model lady is just showing it off for me 😉




One more with the removable underwire 🙂


Well, there you have it! All finished and off to it’s new home.

Thanks for reading!


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Two Shiny Things for Sybarites!

In spite of the troll who reported my Syb (and only my Syb) listings on ebay, I am very excited to have finished these two pieces for the highest of high fashion girls.

First up is Akai Bara which means Red Rose, a high, long ponytail style, hard cap rhinestone wig decorated with red soutache and a metal red rose. This wig is made to stand the test of time with secure adhesive and hand sewing in invisible thread.

Venus wearing awsumgal couture and Akai Bara wig


Venus in awsumgals Akai Bara rhinestome wig

Akai Bara on Ebay

Next is a real show piece of shiny bling! A rhinestone dress made for the classic Sybarite body. Big rhinestone medallions on the hips and lots of sexy cutouts, this piece is drop dead sexy! Pure pale pink ribbon fastening and a matching pure silk ribbon and rhinestone necklace, your Sybarites will enjoy posing in this look 🙂

I present Corona!

Corona ooak rhinestone dress for Sybarites by awsumgal

Corona Sexy ooak rhinestone dress for Sybarites by awsumgal

Corona on eBay

There’s another day and a half on these two, so head on over and have a look!

Bid early, bid often, lol!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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~Pretty Prom!~ Outfit for Dawn and Pippa :o)

Another rainy, gloomy looking day! Will my outdoor concert be cancelled I wonder?

Gloomy days call for more fashions, lol! What better to brighten a day 🙂

This sweet little frock I’ve called Pretty Prom. It’s a young looking outfit and it’s that time of year around here….

It is a strapless minidress with a metallic silver brocade lined bodice and a crisp white gathered skirt in a lovely firm nylon that has just a hint of sheen to it. It has seamless, sterling silver pearl type beads and silver hand knotted thread loops for fastening and it is accented with sparkly rhinestones around the waistline. She has a pair of black and white wedge heels with rhinestone straps and a rhinestone accented white flower on a stretchy band that she can wear in her hair, around her neck or on her wrist.

Here are some photos….






I will be listing this little fashion on eBay later today, I hope you’ll check it out! If you missed ~Gilded Girl!~ on eBay yesterday, it is now available in my Artfire shop. Get it before it’s gone!

Also, if we’re friends on FB I’ve got an exclusive running over there 😉

~Gilded Girl!~ in my Artfire shop

Hope your Saturday is warmer and less rainy then mine seems to be!

Thanks for reading – now go and hug someone you love 🙂


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Alexander McQueen’s Oyster Gown for Pippa ~ Finished!

Well after almost a month of work (I think!) this labour intensive gown is finally finished :o)

Without further ado, here are the final photos of this Alexander McQueen homage gown….

The girls fought over this one, but Marie won the right to model Oyster. Many vied, one was chosen, lol!

And just because I can’t seem to stop, here’s one more….

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Alexander McQueen’s Oyster Gown for Pippa WIP2

I have been making progress on the Oyster gown for Pippa. I think the bodice is going to be pretty tricky so I’ll start with the skirt. I thought I would start with a test fabric to make sure it is going to hang as it should. I want to try to get the drape as close as possible. Ultimately I plan to use mesh for the skirt foundation but as I am a little lean on that fabric and my local is out of it, I’m using swimsuit lining as a test substitute. I need to test how I’ll be attaching the bazillion chiffon strips.

Here’s the chiffon, the mesh and the test fabric…

I’m starting at the hem and applying each strip separately. Here’s a look at the first strip.

And, here’s the test with a few more strips….

Here it is with a whole bunch of strips applied :o)

I think I’ve done enough on the test to get a feel for how it’s going to look and hang. One more time…….with mesh!

Ah I think I like it! It’s even better on the mesh! I think it’s going to look really good when all the strips are on :o)

Well must get back to it! there’s a huge pile of strips of chiffon that are calling my name!

Thanks as always for reading :o)


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