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Ocean Inspired Gown for Pippa WIP 3

What fun I’m having in the studio today! I’ve turned into a mad scientist complete with crazy hair and maniacal laugh, but that is another story ha ha!

Seriously though, I decided after fooling about with the skirt ideas, none of which I liked, that I needed to take another approach entirely. I found the fabrics I wanted and decided to dye them to my concept. I bought three different colours of dye. Two greens and a blue….

I have a lovely silk and cotton blend, in white and off white, so floaty, so light, wonderful! Also some white cotton gauze that will gather up beautifully 😮

I’ve prepped my fabric into smallish pieces so that I can have a bunch of different intensities of colours and blending options!

I’ve even decided to blend a blue and green dye because they really didn’t have a straight up Teal hue in this range of dyes.

Sacrilege! I’m not measuring and I’m mixing dry dye powder! There is also salt in there as per the directions (I choose carefully which rules to break, lol!)

Then hot water and let the fun begin!!

The green in the middle is my ow mix 😮 What a blast! I pre-wet some pieces and not others, I wadded up tightly some pieces and not others. There was even some co-mingling in and out of various dye pots. Despite the fact that my hands are a sickening shade of blue-green, I am really happy with the results and can’t wait ’til they’re dry!

~I feel a deep seated need to batik in my future! (In my future, though because I am far too busy right now ;o)~

Here are the results as they are drying….

You see why I can’t wait? Aren’t the colours terrific?!? I will be pressing all of these pieces, the heat will help set the colours. Now I have to find something else to do while I wait……

Later doll folks 😮 Thanks for reading!


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Alexander McQueen’s Oyster Gown for Pippa WIP 3

Boy this is fun :o) I’ve been sewing endless strips of chiffon to the skirt base. I tested on swimsuit mesh and then moved on to the mesh.

As I went along though, the skirt seemed too perfect and too straight, hmmm…..

So I tried adding a little gather here and there to give the skirt the flow it has in real life. The real one has so much skirt and drape that it hangs so randomly and gracefully and I want to try and capture some of that in mine. The small version just by virtue all the stitching and fabric hangs more stiffly by nature even though I’m using mesh and thin chiffon! Here I’ve added a few pin gathers to see what it looks like….

The gathers help quite a bit. Yay! It’ll look fab. The more I look at this, the more I like it! The only problem is, I wish I’d added some gathers and puckers earlier on, lower down on the skirt. Taking this all out is not really an option. It would take forever and the chiffon wouldn’t stand up to the removal….. so ……. I need to start again from scratch!

Third time lucky, right? In truth luck was not involved, just perseverance and endless sewing on of chiffon strips, lol!

All righty then, here’s a whole bunch of strips for the third skirt :o) So many strips, so little time, haha! Pippa’s getting bored, lol!

Ok, I’ve sewn on about half of the strips.

Here you can see all three skirts and the third one, the one on the doll, already holds more interest even though it’s only halfway done :o)

Cool! The strips are all on :o) The skirt only goes to her hips, it’s not falling off or anything, it’s supposed to be that way!

I love the way it hangs! Oooweee! I like it!

The bodice is semi sheer, probably chiffon in the real thing. Chiffon won’t work in the small version because the seaming in the bodice is precise and complicated and because it’s semi sheer any seam allowance would show through on the front ruining any effect of the complicated seaming lines. So, I’ll have to go at it another way!

No worries, I’ve got a couple of ideas up my sleeve on how best to get the right look :o) I’m going to go and try them out!

Wish me luck, lol! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!





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Dolce & Gabbana for Pippa Finished!

This tiny mini dress is done :o)

My pretty rerooted Gail does the modelling honours here for me :o)

Here it is with green shoes :o)

Here’s a look at the back….

You can see what I mean about the belt crossing over in the back.

Well folks this one is done. I’ve got more commissioned projects lined up and ready to start, so no time to sit back and do nothing! No way Jose!

Thanks as always for reading :o)



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Time for a New Project :o) Dolce & Gabbana for Pippa

It’s a new week and that means it’s time for a new project, lol! This is a commission of an adorable little Dolce & Gabbana psychedelic mini dress! Yum!

This is going to be worn by the smaller fashion ladies, Pippa and the girls, so it’s quite small really 😮

Here is what the dress looks like on a human…

So, a couple of things…. first off, I wasn’t sure I could remake this for the small set because of the fabric. I mean the dress has great lines, but it’s pretty dependent on the fabric to achieve the look.Then, as luck would have it I was in my local fabric shop (where you can often find me, lol!) and I found this….

It’s not exact, but it’s quite close and when backed with white, it will be a little brighter!

Here’s a look at the back of the real dress.

More double darting and I  like the way the straps are oriented in line with the trajectory of the darting. A nice detail! Ah the joy of darts! Of I go to get started 😮

Thanks for reading!



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~Scarlet Silk Siren~ Red Silk for Dawn and Pippa

Happy Saturday folks!

I’ve been working this past week on a red silk ensemble for Topper Dawn and Palitoy Pippa that has both impact and subtlety. The deep red silk is a definite eye catcher, and the topstitching and beading add subtlety. I took a couple of in process shots, but as sometimes happens to me I get quite caught up in what I’m doing and flat out forget to take any! Anyway here is one of the bodice just before final finishing…

And here are a couple of the trumpet skirt hem getting the tiny beads sewn to the hem. This took quite  some time as the beads are really small and the hemline sweep is fairly long!

After all that beading, I went ahead and made some real leather high heeled evening sandals. I have some lovely gold leather so that what I used for the soles and the footbeds. I added some sewn on tiny beads for the heels and gave them stretchy beaded straps. Lastly I’ve made a little purse for her to carry. It’s a red silk filled filigree metal one with a gold chain handle that has had some red thread woven through the links.

After all is said and done, here is the finished project. It’s up on ebay for a one week run. Click HERE to visit the auction.

Here’s a closer look at the shoes, purse and bodice 😮

On to my next project which is a little gift for a dear lady 😮

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


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