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Ocean Inspired Gown “The Deep” for Pippa Wip 5

Weeellll, I would have posted sooner but my hard drive was so full I couldn’t off load anymore pics from my camera. So full in fact that I couldn’t even write my archive-able info to discs without the use of an external drive! Why oh why do I let my computer get so very full?!?

Two solid days of clearing stuff off of my hard drive, but now there is some space again, for as long as that lasts, lol!

Now I can finally blog about the progress on The Deep!

K, so first off I worked on the silk fiber bodice. After placing the silk fibers where I wanted, I added some beading, a pearl and some glass beads. It looks cool, but it’s too long I think and there is just a little too much of it at the bottom.

So I tamed it a little. Took some of the volume away. I don’t want it to overshadow the skirt….

Ah yes, the skirt :o) I have been working on this as well. It’s all very Zen to sit in a sea of custom dyed silk and cotton in lovely shades of blues and greens and everything in between, and deciding what colours and beads should go where….

More beads, more silk, more cotton, yummy!! I’ve added some little custom silk rosettes with bead centers too.



Next time you see this gown, it will be the final studio shots :o)

Thanks for reading :o)



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~Scarlet Silk Siren~ Red Silk for Dawn and Pippa

Happy Saturday folks!

I’ve been working this past week on a red silk ensemble for Topper Dawn and Palitoy Pippa that has both impact and subtlety. The deep red silk is a definite eye catcher, and the topstitching and beading add subtlety. I took a couple of in process shots, but as sometimes happens to me I get quite caught up in what I’m doing and flat out forget to take any! Anyway here is one of the bodice just before final finishing…

And here are a couple of the trumpet skirt hem getting the tiny beads sewn to the hem. This took quite  some time as the beads are really small and the hemline sweep is fairly long!

After all that beading, I went ahead and made some real leather high heeled evening sandals. I have some lovely gold leather so that what I used for the soles and the footbeds. I added some sewn on tiny beads for the heels and gave them stretchy beaded straps. Lastly I’ve made a little purse for her to carry. It’s a red silk filled filigree metal one with a gold chain handle that has had some red thread woven through the links.

After all is said and done, here is the finished project. It’s up on ebay for a one week run. Click HERE to visit the auction.

Here’s a closer look at the shoes, purse and bodice 😮

On to my next project which is a little gift for a dear lady 😮

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


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~Rhapsody in Light Blue!~ Outfit for Dawn and Pippa

Hello doll folks!

I am working on a couple of things in the studio and having a ball! My most recent completion is up on eBay foir the weekend. It’s a formal ensemble for Dawn and Pippa and like sized tiny ladies :o) Here are a couple of pics….

She has a deliciously decadent soft, off white yarn boa and tiny gold hand stitched shoes!

One last close up of the shoes and bodice :o)

Ebay link: ~Rhapsody in light Blue!~

Thanks, as always, for reading! More on the other projects going on in the studio tomorrow :o)


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Working Hard on a New Ensemble for Sybarite Ladies…

Good Saturday doll folk!

It’s been a rather busy week for me, and most of it was ~not~ in the studio. Sigh, oh well. One can only do what one can do! I’ve also spent too much time arguing with my computer on the subject of uploading my website in an efficient and timely manner >( The computer often wins these tiny battles albeit temporarily, lol! I persevered and won out in the end and my website ( looks as it should again!

But, enough of that! It’s time for dolls! I have been working on a cheeky little outfit for Sybarite dolls. I have a small piece of printed designer silk. I enjoy this fabric so much that I am very careful what I use it for! I know I can’t get more you see….

The Sybs are worthy of course, lol! In fact all my gals are worthy, but anyway… Today it’s the Sybarites who get a new outfit, lol!

So here are the shorts. They are made of the lovely silk I was talking about! I have given them working front pockets and they are topstitched and lined in silk charmeuse.

awsumgal Silk Shorts for Sybarite Dolls 1

I added some side interest by putting in a single cargo pleat on the side seam that has a sewn on rhinestone decoration and below that a little custom grouping of five strands of necklace chain. The necklace chain strands are also sewn on inside the cargo pleat.

awsumgal Silk Shorts for Sybarite Dolls 2

I like these little shorts. They’re stylin’ and sassy! :o)

awsumgal Silk Shorts for Sybarite Dolls 3

Shorts this stylish needed a top full of attitude and verve! A bra top seemed to have just the right amount of sass! I chose a fabric for the cups that is a perfect match to the pale blush colour in the silk! Yum!

I thought I wanted to have something hanging below the cups. I hummed and hawed and went away and thought about it. I dug through my considerable stash of fabrics and trims looking for the perfect compliment. Sometimes, the right thing jumps out immediately, other times, not so much. This was one of those “other” times lol!

I thought about it some more and decided on HAIR! Now in all honesty I wasn’t completely sold on the hair idea, but I thought it had merit enough to try :o)

Here’s a look at that….

awsumgal Silk Shorts for Sybarite Dolls 4

All right, so I experimented with the bra top. I thought about pink mesh sides, then nixed that idea. So I wefted a little bit of hair with the intent of attaching it to the cups. Frankly way too Tiki Hula girl for my tastes (although a really over the top Tiki theme might be great fun at some point in the future :o) but I’m off topic a little. So I’ll put these wefts away for another future project.

Away with the hair. Bring on the rhinestones!

awsumgal Silk Shorts for Sybarite Dolls 5

awsumgal Silk Shorts for Sybarite Dolls 6

Here’s where I wound up with this. I love it. I have a little more work to do on the straps, but it’s minor.  So I spent the rest of the time I had today working on a special wig to go with this, but it’s not ready for viewing at this point!

OK, that’s all for today. Hopefully more tomorrow :o)

Have a great Saturday night everyone and thanks for reading!


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New Silk Outfit for Deva Dolls Finished!

Good day dolly people! My OOAK custom silk dress, shoes and wig made specifically for the Deva girls is all done. Yay!

The dress is a strapless striped silk of bronze, rust, dark purple and ecru, shot through with a metallic copper woven ribbon. It is fully lined in ecru silk charmeuse. It fastens with a series of glass teardrop beads and hand knotted thread loops. This silk sheath is trimmed in real fur hand sewn to the hem.This fashion is tagged.

To go with this dress are a pair of custom tinted, very pale peach/amber cast resin shoes. The footbeds are a dark bronze vinyl and the strapping is a piece of the metallic ribbon from the dress fabric. These custom handmade shoes fasten with another teardrop bead and thread loops at the back of the ankle.

Lastly, the wig is also included. This is a handmade hardcap wig of brunette Saran dollhair with light blonde accents. It has been made especially to fit Deva.

Without further ado, here are some pics….

awsumgal ooak deva angie doll silk outifit 1

awsumgal ooak deva angie doll silk outifit 2

awsumgal ooak deva angie doll silk outifit 3

awsumgal ooak deva angie doll silk outifit 4

awsumgal ooak deva angie doll silk outifit 5

awsumgal ooak deva angie doll silk outifit 6

awsumgal ooak deva angie doll silk outifit 7

Well there you have it! Now it’s time to have her flip her wig, lol! It’s amazing how good a hard cap wig looks it your gal can rock it upside down :o)

awsumgal ooak deva angie doll silk outifit 8

It just gives her a bit of a twist. A fashion edge…..

awsumgal ooak deva angie doll silk outifit 9

awsumgal ooak deva angie doll silk outifit 10

I am asking $125 usd for this silk dress wig and shoes. Shipping is extra and runs $20-$25 to most US destinations for insured air service. Paypal only. Thanks for reading and looking!


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