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New outfits for Dawn and Pippa

Three fashion sets for Dawn and Pippa.

Silver Cocktails – available in miy Etsy shop


Blush and Gold Barrel Mini


Lastly, my favorite, Blush and Gold Ballgown


Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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A Lady at Court WIP4

The tiny sleeves are embellished! They look like I hope they would. I just carefully blanket stitched all the edges and then added a few beads. Looks pretty I think.



I then attached the scallops to the main sleeve part and hand inset the sleeve into the over dress portion of this Robe a la Francaise. It’s actually starting to look like a dress now 🙂


With the sleeves sorted, I moved on to the under bodice, the thing that hold the stomacher. I’m using a combination of tissue silk and my dyed blue main silk. The stomacher part itself should be well decorated which I was only too happy to do!

First though I had to create the base to place all that fun ornament! Here’e the stomacher with no backing and no ornamentation…



And here it is after I played with it for a while 🙂


Tiny glass seed beads and dyed to match silk ribbon bows 🙂

I added a little of that dyed to match silk ribbon to the back neck of the overdress and decided it was time to try on my model.


Of course the underbodice and stomacher will give her much more coverage, lol! Phew! I need to take a little break!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read! Have a great day 🙂





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A Lady of the Court WIP 1

Hi doll folks!

Here is my muse 🙂


Anyone know who she is?

I didn’t at first when I saw this perfect image online and it wasn’t labelled or captioned. I didn’t know who I was so taken with! This was the very image I had in mind  and I was so very excited to find her. I wanted though to add details into the project that pertained to this particular person so I dug a little further and realized to my delight that it is none other that Madame de Pompadour! Born Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, here painted in her younger days by Francois Boucher. I love this painting! The lady herself is no less intriguing. A companion and trusted advisor to Louis XV, she was a major influence in many high level matters of state, but chiefly the arts and culture of France. Voltaire was a dear friend. She ran the household for the king and remained an important member of the palace until her death in 1764. A most interesting figure!

I realize of course that she is not wearing blue in this painting, but historically, the blue is quite ubiquitous during the time period, and I am not copying the painting you understand, just being inspired by it! (Although she may need a little lap dog 😉 We’ll see what other interesting details emerge after I read her biography that is on it’s way here.

I hope to add some period appropriate accessories and furniture for her as well, but I’m getting ahead of myself!

I’m continuing with my project. Satisfied with the dye job on the silk and the trims, I moved on to the pattern. I’ll be doing a Robe a la Francaise. It’s a complicated business. I’m working from Janet Arnold’s fascinating Patterns of Fashion book. It’s a study of period clothing examples from 1660 to 1860. It’s dry and technical and just my cup of tea!

Of course, much adaptation and altering needed to be done to fit my little lady. I’m hoping to make this project historically accurate or at least plausible and believable. That means lots of research and learning new things! I like a project I can really sink my teeth into.

I’ll be figuring out the construction procedure as I go because my resource isn’t a “how to”, it’s a study. There aren’t any instructions. I will make a toile and that will give me practice before I cut into the silk I have dyed for this gown.

One of the interesting challenges about this gown will be the insanely tiny pleats throughout the petticoat front and back and the overskirt. They are numerous, precise and like I said teeny!

Pattern chaos ensued lol! My doll seem to have fainted!


Yikes what a mess!

One of the ladies looks on….


The pleats needed to be carefully marked otherwise I won’t be able to keep them all straight!


Three down, 35 000 000 to go lol! Thank goodness for magnifying glasses 🙂


I put the ruler in the above shot to illustrate just how minute and close together they are. I got half of the front petticoat done and had to take a break! Ah well, I’m sure it will be worth it when I’m finished.


I hope I can figure out how to construct the back of the gown. All in good time……

Until next time, thanks for reading!






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Ocean Inspired Gown “The Deep” for Pippa Wip 4

Hi all 😮

This fashion is coming together really nicely now. First, here are the fruits of my labours with the dye pots…

Well let’s get this party started!

It’s taking shape and I like where it’s going. It needs more work of course….. like beads 😮

Here’s how the back is coming along 😮

Ooooh! I love this is. It looks wavelike and swirly watery! Here’s the front so far…

It’s a big skirt, but I like it like that!

I’ve added little silk bead centered rosettes in different colours, blue pearl beads and a random assortment of other pretty beads too. I’ll be adding still more to the skirt. More silk/cotton, more beading and silk fibres too!

Until next time, have a great day!



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New Outfit for Dawn and Pippa on Sale at eBay

I’m working hard on the mod wedding mini (I’ll be posting an update a little later on that project) but I took a little break to finish another gown for Dawn and Pippa.

I didn’t use a pattern for the skirt. I just decided to play with the drape of an oddly shaped piece of rose pink chiffon. This chiffon  incidentally (and luckily) matched the colours of the rose motifs in a pretty cotton fabric just beautifully! A perfect match :o)

Here’s a photo of the finished piece :o)

I used a beautiful piece of gold plated chain of tiny tiny figure “8” links around the waistline and more for the neckstrap. The links are so tiny that it was tricky to get even my beading needle through them! I just love tiny things, lol!

Here’s a link to the eBay auction :o)

Rose Pink Ball Gown on eBay

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!


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