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Penny a ooak Draculaura is up in my Etsy shop :)

Good Sunday morning!

I have a new girl to see. SHe is a Monster High Draculaura that I have repainted and redressed. I’ve called her Penny. Penny is a girly girl. She has pretty grey eyes and light pink lips and she wears a crop top with magenta straps and a light, soft pink gathered knee length skirt aith self waistband and attached gold toned chain belt. I have given her tiny gold bead “stud” earrings and recoloured some Monster High shoes to better match her outfit.

Here are a couple of pics. If you’re interested, there’s a link at the bottom of this post to take you to her Etsy listing 🙂

Penny on Etsy

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your Sunday! Don’t forget Sadie Pippa ends tonight, don’t miss her auction!

Sadie on Ebay


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Cori and Sasha – Draculaura repaint and redress


Good Monday morning dolly people!

I finished a Draculaura repaint and started an auction on ebay for her and I wanted to share just a couple of pics of before and during, though in truth I didn’t take very many in the middle :o(

I chose a Draculaura Gloom Beach girl because I liked her hairstyle.

And then of course I took off all of her paint 🙂 Now she looks a little weird, lol!


I waffled back and forth on her colour palette because I didn’t want her eyes to be to contrasty in terms of hue. I really though I wanted her to have blue eyes… until I realized I really didn’t want that! It also occurred to me that the bright pink streaks were getting in the way of the look I was getting around to, lol! So, I took them out, carefully, slowly, one by one….

After that the paint palette came much more readily and looked right 🙂

In the end I chose mostly greys with some other hues mixed in. I wanted her to have a vulnerable look to her, maybe a little scared, but not too scared ’cause she has her little dolly to make her feel better 🙂

I apologize for not having pictures throughout the paint, but sometimes I forget to stop and photograph. Sometimes I just get in the groove and don’t stop!

Cori’s little dolly Sasha was fun to make. Of course her colours had to make sense with Cori’s colours. Originally I was going to give her dark brown hair like Cori but then decided that was too matchy matchy blech! So I chose the white Mohair for her.  Her body and head are needle felted wool and the holes in my fingers are proof of that, lol! She has on a little pink and white lace skirt and a pink organza ribbon top. Her arms and legs are cord and her features are sewn on beads. I think she makes a nice huggable companion for Cori. I dressed Cori herself in a cotton eyelet nighty. I lined the bodice and edged the hem in delicate white lace. I styled Cori’s hair into two pigtails and tied them with white ribbon. Of course she got the full body blushing treatment as well and everything got sealed before she was dressed.

Of course Sasha’s hair is tied in pigtails too just like Cori’s 🙂

These two are up on eBay for a one week run…..

Cori and Sasha’s auction

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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LuxDolls get a bod update :o)

Morning doll peeps!

I’ve been working on my bjd for a while now and though I love her, I think she could benefit from a joint redesign. She really is quite close to being pretty cool, so it’s worth the extra time of doing this again. Just a slight perfecting of what she’s already got. I’m using a different sculpting medium than my first go and it’s working more predictably for this second Gen refinement. I’m not sure I would have been able to use it right off the bat, I think the other medium was better at the start, but the new stuff works better here. My aim is to make her much more stable and remove side to side flop. You bjd makers and fans will know what I’m talking about 😉

Originally I found the surface very difficult to perfect. My girls required a lot of sanding of the resin which, because resin is so hard, took forever and is also difficult to duplicate exactly, again and again, doll to doll. Plus resin dust is bad for the lungs! It’s not necessary for my dolls to be exactly the same as each other or anything (they’ll be ooak’s or very limited runs) but I need to be confident that the knee and elbow joints will behave in a way I expect without hours and hours of sanding!

I’m really keyed up about this new bod! I think it will give me the quality I’ve been looking for and save quite a bit of time in the finishing stage too 🙂


Before I say goodbye to Gen 1 though I will take those ladies and give them a nice group photoshoot. That will be today’s flight of fancy!

Pictures next time 🙂

In the meantime here’s a fun thing I just got…..

Raffy and Trikki!!!

Part of Munny’s World of DIY toys these two are hilarious and silly and fun. Or like really serious and political if you choose to go that route, lol! Can be used for deep horror too, ha! See? How fun is that?


Also happening today will be the beginnings of my next repaint…

Target sighted 🙂

It’s Draculaura!!! Can’t wait to do pink, lol


You’ll see more of her next time! And don’t forget, I’ve got a Tonner Jeremy Voss Blonde up for auction right now and my latest Monster High Repaint too ~Kohl~

Jeremy Voss Auction

~Kohl~ Monster High Cleo De Nile Repaint Auction

Have a great day everyone!



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