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Happy World Ballet Day 2016


This is a terrific look inside many of the world’s most accomplished ballet companies. Check facebook for The Bolshoi Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Royal Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Stuttgart Ballet and many more who are live streaming rehearsals and classes today! Lots of behind the scenes glimpses πŸ™‚ Get up and DANCE!!!

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Lux Doll in Art Doll Quarterly

The spring issue is out with the Fairy Tale challenge entries! My little Cinders Lux doll is included! I got a whole page and three pictures! I’m super happy. There are just a tone\ of incredible dolls in this mag, so if you’re a doll fan, run out and get your copy before your local newsstand runs out!




Pompadour is almost finished as well. Pics in the very next post πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!


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A Lady at Court WIP5

A lot has changed since my last post!

Her underbodice/stomacher is all finished. Here’s a pic when it was still full o pins!


Her skirt has had embellishment applied. It will get a second row of froufrou πŸ™‚


I’ve made her some pantaloons πŸ™‚


Of course they’re a bit lacy!



It looks more painful than it is, I assure you!

The overdress is what still needs attention. I’m having trouble deciding what to use to decorate the front verticals. I originally wanted lush and rich looking bows, which were popular at the time, but my attempts at silk ribbon bows are a disappointment, lol! Not to mention the fact that I’ll need to make rather a number of them and it would be best if they were as similar to each other as possible. I’m having a little trouble on that front as well! I’ll be looking in my reference books and such to find to best repeatable way to make a nice looking ribbon bow.

I also completed the work on the doll herself! I chose a girl who is a little pale, which is accurate to her I think. This picture makes her look quite a bit pinker and darker than she really is…


I referred to the paintings of the actual Marquise for guidance in my painting.


The book cover makes her eyes look brown, but on closer inspection I believe Β they’re blue-grey. Also, this is a terrific book if you’re interested in this amazing lady’s life!



I’ve painted her features and blushed and detailed her body too.

I then worked on her hair. She is pre Rococo craziness, so there’ll be no ships at sea on her head or anything, lol! That’ll be next time. Maybe I’ll do Marie Antoinette πŸ™‚


It’s a little hardcap wig. I did add a few beads. She is a Marquise after all and anyway I couldn’t help myself!


Ooh wait! I almost forgot! I’ve given her some jewelry. A pair of matching bracelets (common at the time) of silver rolo chain and a silver, double strand very fine double ring link chain choker with a larger central silver wire ball bead.


So, really all that’s left (apart from an appropriate diorama), is the overdress, and her shoes! And maybe a chatelaine like this one…


So that all of her important bits are at hand whenever πŸ™‚

Until next time, thanks for reading and have a great day!


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Resolution? Finish Pompadour! A Lady at Court WIP 3

Looking back over this project, I simply can’t believe I started it last April! Shameful that it’s taken this long!!

My blank dolly is unimpressed and stares blankly at me from atop my sewing machine….. barely perceptible sighs can be heard occasionally.


Despite the silent brooding of the little lad, progress has been made in the last couple of days. It had been so very long that I had to back to the beginning (mentally anyway) to figure out where I was and what should happen next. Thank god for the toile!

Shouldn’t be long now and I’ll be at the major embellishing stage, which is so satisfying πŸ™‚

Of course, I remember now, teeny tiny pleats! That’s where I was some months ago when I last worked on this.


As you can see I am referring closely to my toile. Truly helpful, especially when a fair amount of time can elapse between sessions.

It’s really coming together and starting to look like the gown it will eventually be.



Here’s a close-up of the scalloped lower sleeves.



I have treated the scalloped edges with a fixative and will hand finish all the scallops. Originally I thought I would use lace or some tiny purchased trim, and I just couldn’t find anything that didn’t just about completely mask the scallop shapes and then really, what would be the point in all of that careful cutting of the scallops in the first place?

So instead, I’ve come up with a look that I like which is what I have been working on today. I think it’s going to look great πŸ™‚ Pictures tomorrow! The dress might even be all put together….

Happy New Year, and thanks for reading!



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Lux Girls in the Loft :)

Happy New Year!!


The girls (ans me) got a new loft space this Christmas. I see lots of decorating possibilities here!!!

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