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New Desperately Seeking Susan Skull Case listing on Esty

Good day dolly fans!

I have finished a mini replica dancing skeleton and skull head drum case for 16 dolls. This is a miniature of the drum case carried by Madonna in the film Desperately Seeking Susan. I have made this before (twice  in the last 10 years!) but each is slightly different due to the hand painting and finishing that goes into it after airbrushing with my custom stencils.

This has been made by the same method I used before, which I lay out in some detail in a previous post. Here’s a link if you’d like to check that out.

Skull Case Blog post the first one anyway, there are several!

It has a pink 100% silk interior, both top and bottom and the top has a useable elastic edged pocket. Top and bottom are padded.For added fun, a few paper accessories (just like in the film) are included, just to get you started! 🙂

Here is a link to the Etsy listing

Skull Case on Etsy

Here are a few shots of the just finished case…




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Big Display Case is Finished and Populated!

Yay! I have finished the large display case for my most treasured bigger dolls. It’s all painted now and varnished, inside and out. I added four quarter round pillars to hold a light wood shelf. I had origianlly planned a clear plexiglass or glass shelf, but got impatient and used a the wood shelf that I already had :o)

I was hoping to get four dolls into the case, but Savage has such a gloriously full skirt that she fills one of the shelves :o)

I installed some lighting in the case and I’m very happy with the upper shelf, but the lighting in the lower shelf needs I different solution I think. I will ponder the possibilities over the next while, but for now and I am quite happy to have a closed, dust free and safe place for my some of my favourite ladies :o)

Now I can gaze at these lovelies as I work in my studio :o)

Thanks for reading!


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Display Find for Sybarites, Devas and other 16″ dolls

I want to share a great item I found for displaying larger dolls. I’m always on the lookout for display solutions especially for my larger treasures – Sybarites, Devas and Numina. Good solutions are hard to come by. Most stock shelving units and display cabinets have default shelf heights that are almost always too short for the girls to stand. Posing my ladies sitting is fine, but I’d like to option of posing them standing. I’ve come across some possibilities online, but shipping is prohibitive. These units are just too large. I have found cases for single dolls online as well, but by the time you get one big enough for a 16″ girl to stand in (add some height for tall wigs and hats, plus the stand base) and the price is just too high for me – and then there’s that pesky ship charge on top….

So imagine my glee when I found something local that I could take home with me. Of course it isn’t a doll case. Call it a doll case and you can triple the price, lol! It’s designed to house a pillar candle on your back porch, or deck and I bought it at Winners. It’s wood and glass, finished pretty roughly and stands about a metre high. The model I chose has a vaguely Asian feel to it and that decided my colour palette for it. I figure I can add a shelf and I’ll have enough height for two levels of standing Sybarites!

It needs a little dressing up, I think. So into the studio with it for painting.

You can see where the glossy black paint had been applied and of course the top finial is now gold. The roof panels will be red, I’ve decided :o)

Some nice woven matting for the floor….

Red roof is looking just how I wanted! I’m hoping to be able to find some nice brass filigree corner pieces the I can add to the roof.

I painted the inside black wood surfaces too, to make sure nothing would transfer onto my dolls or clothing inside the case. I’m hoping to use plexiglass for the shelf, but it may prove too difficult to cut and I might go to glass instead. I also plan to install some lighting inside and I need to varnish all the painted parts. I can’t wait for my girls to get in here! I can have them standing in all their glory, protected from dust and any other environmental nasties – Yeehaw!

Thanks for reading!


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Numina Devon ~Wow!~ This is one amazing fashion doll!

I think I may be the luckiest woman alive. Really. Apart from enjoying all the truly important things in life, love, family, good health, a roof over my head and plenty to eat, I get to spend my days amongst some of the most beautiful creations in the world. Devon is now one of them!

When Devon was released, I really didn’t have the cash and I hummed and hawed and missed out. I didn’t have a Numina doll and didn’t know if I wanted to delve into another doll even though I loved her look. The next girl to come out of the Dollcis Numina studio was Sen, the doll destined for the Paris doll show. She seems the same sculpt as Devon and she’s wonderful. I’m sure they were all snapped up at the show. I certainly never saw any for sale anywhere! You can see pictures on Paul Pham’s own site ( I was lucky enough to get a second chance at owning a mint and complete Devon and I couldn’t pass her up a second time.

She arrived shortly after I bought her, so I didn’t have to wait long. I was not disappointed! This doll is amazing! She’s completely enchanting and poses dreamily, sigh…. Her Patta wig is perfection, her fashion is drop dead gorgeous. It’s unique, a little edgy while still being flattering and gorgeous and it’s made really well! And her face paint and body blushing are astonishingly beautiful! Honestly, there is nothing about this doll that I don’t LOVE!

OK enough blather, here come the visuals……

I even love the sketch of Devon on the outer shipper. Though it is a shame that it’s full of postal stickers!

Here she is on her bed of blue satin :o)

I was instantly enamoured and I immediately took her to the studio for more pictures!

She photographs like a dream!

I tried her in my brown mohair and I like her with this hair too!

This doll gets all 5 golden stars from this doll collector!

Thanks for enjoying Devon with me. You’ll be seeing more of her, lol!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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