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~Veil~ Couture Gown for the Sybarite Finished!

Good day doll lovers! I have just completed a new look for the fabulous Sybarite dolls. I have been working on this gown in and around other projects and finally carved out some time to complete it the way I want :o) Oh happy day, lol!

~Veil~ shields her nudity, but just barely! This gown is glamorous and sexy and looks as though it reveals much more than it really does. It is a little dreamy and ethereal and Queen B seems to like it!

Here are some shots…..

I don’t love it when Sybarites wearing sheer fashions have all of their hip jointing showing through their fashion, so I have made a nude coloured pair of Syb Spanx, lol! They just give a smoother line and appearance when wearing racy looks :o)

Lots and lots of hand beading :o)

Thanks for looking :o)


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Just Listed ~Wild!~ Wig for Sybarite Dolls

Ive just listed on eBay, a new custom hand made wig for the Sybarite ladies. This wig is made from feathers and Tibetan Lamswool affixed to a custom made white hard cap. Your Sybarite can embrace the wild side in this wig :o) Of course I had to make her a nice dress to show off the wig nicely, lol! These dolls are soooo gorgeous! Queen B does the modeling honors for me tonight…..

She’s lookin’ fierce :o)

I’m really liking the dress too. Might have to make another one of these…..

Here’s a link to the wig auction… ~Wild!~ on eBay

It’s up on eBay for a one week run :o)

Thanks for reading and have a great Friday!


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Custom Ponytail Wig for Superdoll Sybarite!

Hi and happy summer day to you all!

My Copper Titian custom hand made wig for the Sybarites ends today on eBay! Click HERE to go to the auction… In the meantime, here are a couple of pics so you can see what I’m talking about :o)

awsumgal superdoll sybarite custom wig 1

awsumgal superdoll sybarite custom wig 2

awsumgal superdoll sybarite custom wig 3

This Katsilk Saran wig is a high ponytail held by a braid also in copper titian. It has been hand made by me on my Queen B Syb. The auction ends tonight. Get it before it’s gone :o)

Thanks for visiting,


August 5, 2009

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Dewigging My Queen B Sybarite!

Well today I did something I knew was inevitable, scary, but inevitable!

… I scalped my Queen B!….


Those of you familiar with these fabulous dolls know that this is kind of a big deal. After all they are not inexpensive, and you don’t want to damage them. Having said that , the reason I chose Queen B as my first Syb is because she is a versatile beauty. That’s why I knew the dehairing was inevitable. (She tires of her crown from time to time anyway…. it is after all, heavy!)

It was a slow process and frankly a little tedious towards the end! Getting the glue residue off was a challenge! I took my time though and was painfully careful. In the end I was rewarded with a bald beauty and a perfect wig!

awsumgal Queen B Sybarite bald and beautiful 1

Dang but she even looks gorgeous bald!

awsumgal Queen B Sybarite bald and beautiful 2

See, she doesn’t mind a bit. It’s just a little breezy up top, lol!

awsumgal Queen B Sybarite bald and beautiful 3

Queen was even generous enough to lend her hair and crown to Gene, but only for a moment :o)

awsumgal Gene in Queen B Sybarites wig 4

It looks quite sweet on Gene actually!

Now that Queen B is ready to try new hair, I’ll have to go and make some wigs! Woohoo!

Happy July Fourth!

Thanks for reading :o)


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A Superdoll Sybarite Joins my Doll Family!

I finally took the Sybarite plunge! I have been mooning over these dolls for many months now. These dolls are not inexpensive and I felt it was important to pick just the right girl for me. I have been eagerly watching the 2009 dolls as they were released from Superdoll. I watched Avalon come and go lightening fast, then Karma, who was not for me, and Seville who sold out before I could even see her. I almost bought Raja, the Haute Doll Magazine exclusive, but I wasn’t completely convinced of her ultimate versatility either. (I still really like Raja.  I still may buy her, if she’s still around when I can next afford another Syb! Don’t hold your breath!)

I wanted a versatile girl and a pretty one too. That’s why Karma was not a good choice for me. Not to say that she wasn’t striking, but she’s got a harder, edgier look. Not what I was after for my first Sybarite. Her mohawk and flocked sideburns were going to prove a challenge to cover or remove for other looks. I wasn’t up for that challenge. Yet.

I jumped in with both feet and bought a Queen B. It was a long wait until she arrived, but when she did I was not disappointed. Even with all of the build up in my own mind about how wonderful she would be, she still delivered! Finally she arrived….

My but that’s an awfully big box!

awsumgal gets her first Superdoll Sybarite Queen B 1

And in the big box was a littler box….

awsumgal gets her first Superdoll Sybarite Queen B 2

And one more box….. (we’re getting closer….)

awsumgal gets her first Superdoll Sybarite Queen B 3

At this point I’m near to bursting with anticipation!

Et, Violá¡ Here she is before being disturbed at all….

awsumgal gets her first Superdoll Sybarite Queen B 4

This doll is heavy, I mean that literally! She has heft! Her resin is absolutely beautiful. It has a soft look to it. The light catches it beautifully and as a result, she is an absolute joy to photograph!

Here are some pics I have just taken of her. Her first photoshoot (of many, I can tell you!) with me :o)

awsumgal gets her first Superdoll Sybarite Queen B 5

awsumgal gets her first Superdoll Sybarite Queen B 6

awsumgal gets her first Superdoll Sybarite Queen B 7

See what I mean about the light caressing this resin “skin” ?

awsumgal gets her first Superdoll Sybarite Queen B 8

awsumgal gets her first Superdoll Sybarite Queen B 9

Dig those platforms, baby!

Standing poses are tricky without her stand. Due to her weight, even a slightly bent leg will not hold her up. She collapses on herself. One wonders if there is a way to alleviate this, hmmm…….

awsumgal gets her first Superdoll Sybarite Queen B 10

I will be ever so carefully removing her wig. I want to be able to change her look around with different wigs. I’ll be making a few of my own and I can’t wait!

awsumgal gets her first Superdoll Sybarite Queen B 11

She’s so much fun to photograph that I will be making room sets and accessories for her, not to mention haute couture for her to wear :o) There’s lots that I want to do. I’m really quite inspired! But all of that will have to wait until a couple of other projects that are in ahead of her get my attention. Best get back to work :o)

Hope you’ve enjoyed meeting my Syb….

Thanks for reading,


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