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Summer is almost here….

Ah summer, my old friend, you’re almost here!

I love summer. I love the heat, the heavy, slow days where lazing about dreamily is all one has energy for. Meals are light and cool and everything is more mellow…..

This summer will bring lots of changes for me. The studio too will undergo some revisions. I am a bit of a fragmented creator. I bounce from discipline to discipline and from doll to doll. Although this keeps me from getting bored, I fear it leaves me looking scattered and sometimes difficult to follow. It may be time to narrow the focus a little and really think about what I am personally trying to accomplish, if anything! Maybe at the least of it, I can get my studio to a point of organization where I can actually find the things I need when I need them. It’s no good finding them after, lol!

My own doll line, LuxDolls, awaits. I have many ladies patiently, if in pieces, waiting for me to string them and bring them to a finished state. My summer will be filled with drilling and sanding this small mountain of disassembled doll parts and putting them together. I hope to have some interesting girls at the end of it all…..


Also this summer I will be working on things for the Dawn Convention taking place in the fall on Cape Cod. So excited about this. Its going to be such fun! I’ve never been to Cape Cod and I’m sure it’s going to be a treat! The theme is a wedding, and what deeper mine of possibilities is there? I’m sure there will be a few small wedding dresses in my summer 🙂 Here’s one that’s nuptial-esque from the archives to get you (and me) in the swing….

Whispers in White

Well that’s enough musing I suppose! My most recent ensemble is complete and I’ll go and take the final photographs presently. I’ll post a few when that’s done. It’s supposed to feel like 109 degrees here today and tomorrow too, so I’ll likely be moving rather slowly, tee hee!

Stay cool everybody, thanks for visiting!


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