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Sadie – ooak Pippa doll reroot repaint make over

Happy Saturday doll fans! Today I have for you a repainted, rerooted and redressed vintage Palitoy Pippa doll. Same scale as her American counterpart, Topper Dawn. I don’t do very many Pippa makeovers, not because I don’t like Pippa, but because they are very hard to come by on this side of the Atlantic, especially in Canada. No finding them in boot sales around here!

I have a small collection that I have curated over the years and there have always been a couple of girls who were waiting patiently for new hair and faces. This is one of them šŸ™‚

I gave this girl a platinum blonde reroot because I just love that super pale blonde hair! I use a sew in method that is a variation of the lock loop, so I don’t fill their heads with glue. I don’t use any glue. I also don’t poke the hair into the scalp from the outside as that method tends to tear the vinyl of the head.

After her reroot she was parted and styled and given a trim. (Side note: I was sure I had taken some in process pictures but now they’ve disappeared! If I locate them I’ll update the post.)

Then on to her new features. I gave her warm brown eyes with a little black subtle liner and deep red lips. I use artist quality paints pigments and sealers on my repaints. I want them to stay looking fresh and just painted for years to come. I rerooted her lashes as well.

She needed something fitting to wear and I chose deep red silk to match her lips. Her raw silk outfit is a two piece dress. The strapless bustier top is fully lined and fastens with two brass beads ands hand knotted red thread loops and the matching gathered skirt has a silk waistband and also fastens with a brass bead and hand knotted thread loop. It has metal chain and red glass seed bead hem embellishment all the way around the hem.

I’ve made accessories to finish her look. She carries a hard sided red silk purse. This tiny purse has metal wire handles, is lined inside, opens for Pip’s important bits, and fastens with, you guessed it, a brass bead and hand knotted thread loop. She’s also got a chain necklace sporting a small red Swarovski crystal in the center and she wears a custom pair of shoes. The little gold shoes have chain uppers and stacked bead heels.

This little lady is on Ebay right now but only for another day and a half!

Sadie on Ebay

Thanks for stopping in šŸ™‚


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Pink Silk Bliss for Dawn and Pippa

While waiting for waist confirmation on my other project, I was struck with inspiration when I was tidying up my work space and found a beautiful pale pink fabric. I’d left this out because I was so taken with it, I didn’t want to put it away, I wanted to remember and not stash it away and forget about it!

If you’re like me, there are ideas up in your head that you just haven’t had a chance to let out. This was one of those. I didn’t do much in the way of in process pics, so without further (or any really) ado, I present Pink Silk Bliss šŸ™‚




Well, there’s another idea screaming for attention, so later folks!

Thanks for stopping in!



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~Mia!~ B+W Fankie Monster High ooak Repaint and Redress

Happy Monday morning! I know a bit of a contradiction in terms for many, lol!

I deboxed a Frankie B+W edition Monster High (finally! I’ve been admiring her in her box for some time now) and set to changing her look. I love her stock outfit! I’m a big fan of silver šŸ™‚

Anyway here’s the girl before anything happened…

I was surprised to find how stiff her hair was when I deboxed her! A simple but thorough water rinse takes it out though.

Here’s the wee pretty just before I washed her hair….

Then as always I took off her paint. I also removed all of her “stitches”. Last time I left them because it worked. but this time I wanted to take them off. She looks quite different with no features!

And so we begin…. Here I’m just mapping out some placments and trying some colours to see what I like with Frankie’s grey skintone. I actually painted and wiped a couple of times because I thought the colour was wrong and didn’t suit her. She was vocal about that (in a plastic inanimate kind of way, lol!)

The warm tone I quite like and it will be the basis of the body blushing tone.

I decided to add some magenta and some interference red to her blue grey eyes. I don’t use Interference Red very often although I love it! I found that my tube had up and dried out on me, but there was a little tiny pool in the bottom that I could get to by poking the bottom of the tube. When I had added it to Frankie I gave the tube an honourable burial (ok I tossed it, but with a heavy heart) I’ll have to go and ferret out some more at my fave art store Curry’s. One of the most yummy places on earth šŸ™‚

When it came to dressing Mia I was overly picky about what to put her in. (That’s not unusual, ha ha!) I wanted the outfit to compliment her, but not overpower her. The hues in her eyes were a little unusual so it was a challenge to find something that brought out her eyes and helped them pop.

I found a gorgeous purpley mauve raw silk. The colour was terrific but too much of it completely took over. So instead of doing a purple dress, I did a fresh young white very thin tissue silk (which I just LOVE working with!) short dress. I added some beads of exactly the right colour (love it when that happens) and some silver straps. The purpley mauve silk is a wide waistband. Just enough to compliment her eyes. Then I brought the hemline a little by adding a couple of pink ribbon bows. Just to add a little more colour and a bit of whimsy too.

I know, I know clam up and show me the DOLL!!!

k, geez

Here’s Mia.


She was up on eBay, but not for long. She hit the spot for a lovely lady and she’ll be off to a new home as soon as I pack her up. I hope you like her as much as I enjoyed painting her šŸ™‚

Off to find another victim, lol!
Thanks for reading and have a great week everybody…


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~Society Luncheon!~ Fashion for Dawn and Pippa on eBay

The small set has captured my imagination again. I do so love these little muses! Spring is here, the weather is turning and the studio is full of fun and inspiration! I can’t seem to work fast enough to keep up with all the ideas crowding my head at the moment! It’s a nice feeling to have so many exciting ideas to look forward to :o)

Here’s one of them….

The fabric inspired me here. I’m a big fan of luscious quilt cottons, especially those that have gold metallic accents! Yummy :o) The blooms are larger than I would normally use for such a diminutive doll, but I liked this fabric on Dawn and Pippa. It says Spring to me! I used deep red silk for the jacket. The red silk just seemed to go so nicely with the blooms in the cotton. I used more of the quilt cotton fabric for the jacket lining, because, of course it gets to see the light of day at the sleeve edges and anyway, I like it when the inside looks as nice as the outside. It’s like aƂĀ  little secret that only the doll, the buyer and the maker ever see! The dress is fully lined in champagne coloured satin :o)

I chose a different process for her shoes. I wanted delicate and stylish, but not eveningwear, for this outfit. Then, because I wanted her to be on her way to the annual kick off Horticultural Society lunch, I gave her a flower accessory. A little rosette, made of red silk, with tiny golden beads sewn on that she can wear in her hair, or the edge of her bodice, or she can carry it in her hand :o)

This little fashion is up on eBay right now, only for a short run though, it ends on Saturday. I hope you can surf on over and have a look.

Here’s the link: ~Society Luncheon!~ on eBay

I’m working on another fashion right now! I’m a whirling dervish (hey, that could be a cool subject for a project…lol!) in the studio today! Best get back to it :o)

Thanks for reading!


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Sybarite Newsletter No. 4 ~Sheherezade!~

Sybarite Newsletter No. 4

To receive my Sybarite newsletter right in your own emailbox, leave a comment here on the blog and I’ll add you to the subscriber list.

Have a great day everyone!


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