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Bling-A-Ling rhinestone dress for Sybarite ladies

I have been up to my eyeballs with my own little resin ladies and I am putting the finishing touches on one that I hope to offer up next week. To switch gears for a bit I indulged in one of my favourite things….. rhinestones!

Those of you who know me, or follow along with this blog from time to time probably know I am a big fan of high fashion Sybarite dolls. Rhinestones and Sybarites are a match made in heaven! So I let my imagination go and had a wonderful time playing with bling 🙂

After swimming in rhinestones, this is what I came up with. I hope you like it!

This one of a kind handmade and hand sewn rhinestone dress is up on ebay . Here’s a link.

Bling-A-Ling on eBay


Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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My new Couture Savage Sybarite is Here!

I am working diligently on a very commission (for a Sybarite, as it happens) but I had to pause because Savage came to live with me today :o)

Wow! I am so pleased! I am never disappointed with Sybarite dolls. It’s amazing really. I mean I’ve seen many, many photos of the Sybarites in general and Savage in particular, but still the pleasant surprise when you actually open one and see her face to face. Despite all the hype and anticipation in my own mind, I am still deeply satisfied. I always imagine them to be drop dead fabulous….. and they always are! Savage is so transcendental in her beauty. She is otherworldly….. enough blather, time for pics….

It IS Fashion Beyond Reason. My excitement is Beyond Reason, lol!

Squee! Time to open the box…..

Oooh! there’s Snarl the wee sweetheart, tee hee! and he very cool personal bag :o)

Ah… there she is…. You can already tell she’s beautiful…. Hang onto your hats, ’cause out she comes….

And immediately whisked off to the studio for little introductory photoshoot!

Her beauty is blinding!

I hope you’ve enjoyed opening and meeting my new doll with me. Must get back to work now!

Thanks for reading :o)


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Just Listed ~Wild!~ Wig for Sybarite Dolls

Ive just listed on eBay, a new custom hand made wig for the Sybarite ladies. This wig is made from feathers and Tibetan Lamswool affixed to a custom made white hard cap. Your Sybarite can embrace the wild side in this wig :o) Of course I had to make her a nice dress to show off the wig nicely, lol! These dolls are soooo gorgeous! Queen B does the modeling honors for me tonight…..

She’s lookin’ fierce :o)

I’m really liking the dress too. Might have to make another one of these…..

Here’s a link to the wig auction… ~Wild!~ on eBay

It’s up on eBay for a one week run :o)

Thanks for reading and have a great Friday!


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Innoquii ~ The Traveller Has Landed

Marked by various dated customs stamps and other travel related tattoos, Innoquii is an unusual girl with an edge. She is a 16″ porcelain doll from Superdoll of London. Innoquii sports a black circle around one eye. Some collectors remove this, but I’ll be leaving mine. I like it. It’s subversive, this giant ink mark, and I like it :o)

awsumgal Innoquii The Traveller Superdoll 1

I will be quite careful with this doll. She is my only porcelain doll at the moment….

awsumgal Innoquii The Traveller Superdoll 2

I expected her to be heavier than she is. I have resin dolls from Superdoll and they are heavier. I suppose some of the weight difference is due to the simplified jointing of the pelvis and legs on Innoquii. Still, she poses beautifully. She comes with a sweet blue and white gingham bra and panty as well as a navy jacket and matching mid length straight skirt, hose, shoes and hat accessory as well as a stand and collector card.

awsumgal Innoquii The Traveller Superdoll 5

I love her compass rosette tattoo :o)

awsumgal Innoquii The Traveller Superdoll 6

She poses quite naturally. I love this about her!

I don’t love her suit though. I love the gold chain detail along the hem on the inside of the jacket. It’s like a little secret just for Innoquii and her dresser, you! But, I’m not a fan of the fabric used. Frankly it’s dull, I’m sorry but in my opinion, there just isn’t enough style. It’s almost dare I say it? Dowdy! There I said it. Innoquii is far too exciting and edgy for navy blue serge. I’ll have to make her something that more suits my sensibilities. Here’s one more shot in her ginghams :o)

awsumgal Innoquii The Traveller Superdoll 7

All in all a beautiful and stylish addition to my collection of mini humans :o)

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Innoquii The Traveller as much as I’ve enjoyed showing her to you!

Thanks for reading :o)


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New One of a Kind Outfit for Sybarite Dolls WIP1

Recovering from wisdom tooth removal seemed like a good time to blog about my next one of a kind outfit for the Superdoll Sybarites! Better than lying around moaning I suppose lol.

I had an idea to do a gown with an extremely low neckline, and also have an open back. This means fit is important. Otherwise the gown with gape and gap and all of that and with a style that’s open both front and back there isn’t much holding it all together, if you know what I mean! (I don’t know if any of you watched the Miss America behind the scenes preshow, but holy cats, those gals wear glue in the strangest places!) No glue for this Sybarite though!

So the first thing that I do, if I have time, lol (I’m so impatient to get started that I sometimes skip this step. Tsk tsk!) First thing is to sketch out what I ultimately want. Sketching out has the advantage of making you think through the entire garment. Helps to point out when you’re defying gravity, or logic.

Then it’s time to draft the pattern. Sometimes I work flat, and sometimes I drape. I think I prefer draping a muslin for the Sybarites. There are other dolls that I work with whose shapes I know so well, I don’t often drape for them. (Unless I’m doing something really unusual…)

I already had the fabric in mind (I’m often first inspired by a textile.) So after the pattern was drafted, I gave it a go! Here’s what the gown looked like after I had tweaked the fit a little. It is only pinned onto Queen B at this point, but I’m really pleased with the neckline going right to her belly button. Trés Sexy!

awsumgal BoP OOAK gown for Sybarite Dolls 1

So the fit is good and I’m happy!

awsumgal BoP OOAK gown for Sybarite Dolls 2

The neckline needs something and I needed to stew a little about what that should be….

I settled on a beaded pattern and set to work!

awsumgal BoP OOAK gown for Sybarite Dolls 3

Here she is holding my beading needle for me. Isn’t she helpful!

awsumgal BoP OOAK gown for Sybarite Dolls 4

I will be carrying this beading all the way around the hemline, and wait ’til you see the back. Ooh la la!

Here’s one last teaser for today, some of her wig….. :o)

awsumgal BoP OOAK gown for Sybarite Dolls 5

That’s it for now. More tomorrow :o) Time to go and ice my chipmunk cheek :o(

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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