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New High Ponytail Wig for Sybarite on The Dolltique Marketplace

I’ve finished a new wig for 16 inch Sybarite beauties and other gorgeous ladies of like head size. Again I’ve listed on the new doll and related items auction site The Dolltique Marketplace!

Check it out! Register, and shop and list for free!

Here’s a shot of this pale blond ponytail wig. Will fit older resins Sybarites like Trapeze, mid generation resin ladies like Cadenza and newer vinyls like Forest.

Made of the softest most wonderful Katsilk Saran dollhair on a custom wig hardcap.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

Don’t forget to check out The Dolltique Marketplace!


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~Illuminati!~ bling wig for Sybarites

I’ve just finished and listed a new glitzy ~Illuminati!~ hardcap jeweled wig for Sybarite dolls. It is now available in my Esty shop.

~Illuminati!~ on Esty

Dressed up…..

Or a little more casual….

Davincia is most lovely! (She’s the guitar player.) This fantastic Who guitar is something I picked up in Indonesia. Funny place to buy a miniature guitar, but I wasn’t complaining!

Here’s another shot of Davincia in a wig I have just sold. The colour is so very good on her, I might have to make another!

I mean damn! Isn’t she a beauty?

Happy Saturday folks, hope your green beer hangover doesn’t get the better of you!

~thanks for reading, now go back to bed, lol!


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New Sybarite Outfit ~Cloud!~ WIP 1

Recently, instead of endlessly trolling eBay and the like looking at pretty dolls first thing in the morning, I began doing what I used to do when I got up – sketch. After the coffee of course! Often when I wake up, unrealized and unfettered design ideas are roaming around in my head. If I sketch them soon after waking I can remember most and some of them are even executable! If I wait too long, or look at too many things, the ideas start to fade a little…

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing recently and it has been quite fruitful. This next design is one of those early morning sketch sessions. This design is an asymmetrical gown for the Sybarite girls and will be mostly shades of off white, bone, ecru and white. I may use silver as an accent colour, or I may use something more vibrant like orange or red, navy? hmmmm still thinking on that. We’ll see what the design dictates :o)

Here is the original idea sketch, a very rough sketch to be sure….

awsumgal Cloud ooak Sybarite outfit wip1 1

I began the pattern draft and already it’s a little complicated. Each pattern piece is unique and needs to used right side up!

awsumgal Cloud ooak Sybarite outfit wip1 2

I then cut a test muslin and realized pretty quickly that it would help to number the muslin pieces…..

awsumgal Cloud ooak Sybarite outfit wip1 4

Muslins are an invaluable tool especially when the pattern is complicated. You can draw right on them and make the adjustments you need, recut and resew until it looks exactly like what you have in mind.

awsumgal Cloud ooak Sybarite outfit wip1 5

So here it is on my Trapeze, inside out so that I can make seam adjustments. As you can see, I had to add some fabric to the skirt side to have the hemline I was going for. This is only part of the bodice and the upper part of the skirt. The lower part of the gown has yet to be plotted along with the other half of the bust….

(Despite the unfinished state of the muslin, I think Trapeze looks rather fetching in her ~Shine!~ wig :o)

That’s all for today…..

Thanks for reading :o)


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New Outfit for the Sybarite beauties progresses :o)

When I last posted I was trying to decide on the skirt. What colour, texture, length? I thought about this option….

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit 1

I like it, but not enough. There is something too timid about it to me, and the Sybarites are anything but timid!

A little more mohair on the other side and I’m still not feeling it completely. I like it enough that I will revisit this idea at another time, but not with this outfit…..

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit 2

I wanted more colour in the skirt, but I still wanted texture to contrast with the clean lines of the catsuit and bustier. I chose a beautifully coloured floral chiffon, but I didn’t use it straight (lol!) When have I ever taken the easy way out? I used very narrow pieces of chiffon treated to retard fraying. Here’s a shot of the strips drying.

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit 3

Here are a whole bunch of them with the bustier…

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit 4

The earlier shots of the mohair skirt idea made me decide that the point at the centre front was way too long. A bit too much of a sporan look to it, lol! So I shortened it, and now I am more pleased with the shape :o)

All of these little strips are to be hand sewn to the bustier edge. I tried a couple of different braiding techniques and then decided that I preferred the strips straight :o)

So anyway, here’s how the skirt has shaped up :o)

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit 5

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit 6

awsumgal ooak Sybarite Outfit 7

There is more still that I want to do with this, but I’m quite happy with how it’s coming along :o)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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Work Goes On In My Studio ;o)

I’m working on a new outfit for the Sybarites. I’m having a good time with this one :o)

Based on a catsuit variation, it is stretch silk charmeuse! (My new favorite thing! I mean it’s silk (94%) and spandex (6%) for stretch. What more could one ask for, lol. The stretch charmeuse that I have is a lovely ecru, which is a perfect silken canvas on which to base the outfit. In fact the possibilities to go atop this silk sleeveless catsuit are myriad! I could do almost anything. Makes it a little tough to choose. Sometimes it’s better if you can rule a bunch of stuff out, lol!

Here’s the top of the silk  catsuit….

awsumgal ooak sybarite silk outfit 1

The top and bottom are united :o) Trapeze lounges around amidst the silks in the studio.

awsumgal ooak sybarite silk outfit 3

I want a waist cincher on top of this. I toyed with the idea of a beaded one and even went so far as to bead most of one. I will definitely revisit that idea, but decided to nix it for this work. Instead I went with a sun yellow silk.

awsumgal ooak sybarite silk outfit 4

awsumgal ooak sybarite silk outfit 5

After much sewing and further topstitching for a little more visual interest, this is what it looks like.

awsumgal ooak sybarite silk outfit 6

awsumgal ooak sybarite silk outfit 7

So, now I’m at the skirt stage, ’cause I want there to be a skirt to this outfit! This is one of those ‘way too many options’ parts of the work! OK not really! I’m just teasing, it’s great to have all possibilities open to me. I’m usually left with about twelve more ideas for later that didn’t make it into this one…… and that is just not a bad thing :o)

More next time :o)

Thanks for checking in,


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