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~Hannah!~ Topper Jessica Dawn Pal ooak repaint


She’s a vintage, six inch Topper Jessica doll, friend to Dawn and Pippa. She retains her original hair and lashes but sports new paint, and a whole new outfit.




She comes with her cotton mini, hand and machine stitched real leather purse and hand stitched leather slip on shoes. Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!

I’ve tweaked this lady and she’s now up on Etsy

Hannah on Etsy


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Vintage Batgirl for Dawn – Finished :)

That’s it she’s finished and off to her new home. When I last posted, I was in the near stages of completion with just a lot of little details to complete. I had to finish off the belt and then attach it to her, finish off the gloves, add varnish to her heels and belt buckle, perfect her hair and add her hood, and of course add the bat logo to her her costume!

Here’s a little bit of the gloves. Firstly, because I’m using a silk that likes to fray and dissipate to nothing with just the slightest hint of a breeze, (but it’s the perfect colour!) it needs to be handled carefully. The gloves are miniscule! I’m using a fusible interfacing to stabilize the silk. I’ve pressed it to the silk before cutting.



I’d just like to make a side note about the fabric colours throughout the blog posts for this project. The fabrics I’m using have optical dyes in them. The colour of both the silk and the sparkly unitard fabric are both a lovely grape-y purple. When photographed with flash these both appear navy blue. I’ve tried to colour correct throughout, but some shots are better than others….

I did as much as possible with machine, but the rest will need to done on doll 🙂



You can see even with careful and minimal handling, this silk still wants to fly apart! Now that the gloves are completely hand sewn onto the the forearms, the fabric is never coming apart!

After all that, it was time for a final photo shoot. I give you Batgirl!




Looks like Batgirl is striding off to keep Batman out of trouble, or more likely, require saving 😉




Hope you enjoyed coming along with me while I whipped up this girl! Thanks so much for reading 🙂




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Vintage Batgirl for Dawn WIP 3

Happy Friday dolly peeps!

Lots to get through here as this project is picking up speed! This girl’s got a mind of her own and places to be 🙂

Let’s start with the lady herself then today. Here’s the lovely Glori pre Batgirl …


Her hair is a little mussy, but nevermind. She’ll be receiving a spa treatment before long…

She is nonplussed that I’m showing her first with messy hair, and then, horror of horrors, with curlers and plastic wrap and pipe cleaners! She is totally scandalized! (But then again, she’s also bodyless at the moment, so what’s she’s going to do?)


She’ll be happy again when I show her all prettied up 🙂

This vintage Batgirl is modeled, as you already know, after Yvonne Craig’s portrayal. I didn’t know very much about Yvonne Craig before I started. I didn’t know for instance that she trained as a ballerina. That explains those awesome kicks that Batgirl could deliver! Bam! Biff! I didn’t realize her other acting credits either. I guess I didn’t recognize her out of her Batgirl mask. I didn’t know she played Marta, the slinky seductive green alien girl in the original Star Trek opposite my man Kirk 😉 Here’s a link to her official fanpage if you’d like to know more about her.

Yvonne Craig’s fansite


Here’s Glori after her hair treatment. She has blue eyes now, like Yvonne, and a more accurate lipcolour…



Still needs a little taming. Most of it will hide under her hood and her half mask, but if she ever takes it off, she’ll be pretty underneath! Speaking of her mask…



Good thing I have a little Dawn wigstand so I don’t have to make the mask on a doll 🙂



I like how this is looking 🙂 Still has to be cut of course, but it looks like it should I think.

On to the belt. After carefully cutting out the utility belt boxes and folding them. I’ll be gluing them up and then painting them to match the inside of her silk cape. The Mask looks on, lol!

Batgirl2WIP3wThose other little bits are the ears of course!

I’ve added a loop to the back of each of the little box pouches for her belt, so they can slide back and forth on the gold leather belt 🙂Batgirl7WIP3w

The belt buckle with the logo is next. I’m using a leather piece for the basis and am painting the Batlogo onto it. Varnish atop for protection. Trimmed the mask as well 🙂

Batgirl8WIP3wMore assemblage of tiny bits….


Bits, bits and more bits!


Shoes! Well the heels and soles anyway 🙂

Batgirl6WIP3wHere’s how the belt looks on her hips…

Batgirl12WIP3wA little bit of touch up here and there is needed.

We’re closing in on the finish line here. Next time, I’ll attach her mask and her hood, put her cape on, add the gloves and the soles and heels. Lastly I’ll place her Batgitl logo onto her chest as a ceremonial last act, and she’ll be ready to travel to her new home 🙂

Right, I’m feeling a power surge, so back to the studio while the creative fire burns!

Thanks for reading!







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Calida OOAK Topper Dawn Finished :o)

Well after much toil, Calida is finished. I’m happy with how she has finished up :o)

I am working on her ebay listing as we speak. It should be up momentarily…..

In the interim, here are a couple of pics and her listing text for your enjoyment!

awsumgal calida ooak topper dawn done1

In a time and place far from here and now dwells Calida.
Named for the fiery mane she was born with she is both wise and kind.
She dispenses justice with an even hand but will not suffer fools.  She seeks out and destroys evil where it lives…..
To the passing observer she is gifted in the rhythms of Mother Earth and well versed in the language of the plants. She is not only the village justice, she is also their healer of disturbances of both body and mind. She reads the old books copiously in her forest cottage almost completely hidden by growth, yet so easy to find when you are an invited guest….
No one knows how long Calida has lived here, no one can remember a time when she didn’t.
On this day we find Calida in her element, foraging for the plants she needs for her work. She is dressed for a warm spring day (though in truth, she pretty much wears the same thing always) She wears a OOAK handmade dress of gauze, cheesecloth, and a stunningly pretty floral chiffon that sets off her colouring beautifully. It is long and flowing, fastens in the back with pearl type beads and hand knotted thread loops and has hand woven shoulder straps of waxed cord. Around her hips she wears a handmade real leather belt with sewn on buckle. On her feet she wears a handmade pair of slip-on gauze shoes that feature rope type soles.
She carries with her the tools of her trade – her white handled working knife and her black handled athame or blessed knife, her grimoire, her brass mixing vessel, and her gathering basket. She is particularly in tune with Gaia today as she is easily finding that which can be difficult to see…..
Her knives are wood with painted handles and brass hooks for hanging on her gold chain belt. They have been varnished for longevity. Her hand painted brass mixing vessel has also been varnished to protect the paint. Her black grimoire (notebook) is real leather, stitched, and it contains “pages” with her notations and observances. She also carries from her belt a scrying crystal to help her see that which strives to remain hidden  and to focus energy. Lastly she carries a handmade woven gathering basket that has been filled with moss and dried flowers. The fruits of todays labours in the forest.
In her hair, Calida wears a circlet fashioned from gold head pins and presenting a clear swarovski crystal at its’ centre. Though removable if strictly necessary, it would be difficult to re place and therefore I do not recommend it’s removal.  Calida also has a pink swarovski crystal on a green silk thread holding her hair back. She has curly tendrils of hair to each side of her face.
This OOAK vintage 6.5 inch Topper doll was once an Angie and is marked K10  and she stands proudly on a vintage Topper Hong Kong body. She retains the ownership of her toes and fingers. Her legs no longer hold a bent pose but, as yet, exhibit no greening.

She has received a full customization. Her original hair was carefully removed and replaced with a custom blend of red and blonde highest quality Saran doll hair using a secure sew in lock loop variant method with no glue. She has also been given new lashes in a custom blend of red and medium brown Saran doll hair using the same method.
I carefully removed all of her original paint and have given her new features with artist quality acrylic paints. She now has striking blue eyes, a touch of pink shadow, light magenta lips, reddish/sienna brows and a healthy blush. Her new colours mesh very nicely with the colours in her floral chiffon skirt. All of her paint has been sealed.
Calida listens…. then turns to head back to her cottage. She knows the weather has turned long before there is any evidence and is safely back in her cottage as the wild storm breaks overhead….

awsumgal calida ooak topper dawn done2

Here are her accessories:

awsumgal calida ooak topper dawn done3

Be sure to check out her eBay listing for lots more pics!

I hope you’ve enjoyed following along. Maybe you’re inspired now to go and make something!

Have a great day!


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